Bassem Alber and a long relationship with MEDIA.

I graduated from applied arts faculty with a bachelor’s degree in cinematography , photography and television, After finishing my studies I started as a cameraman in the Egyptian TV and at this time I got a good experience in dealing with all types of broadcast equipment also all types of lights and work on news, sports, drama, talk shows, documentaries, video clips … etc.
after 3 years I got another degree in TV as a director of photography and I started filming a lot of documentaries and more special projects in studios and out.
Then I started to get some special jobs as a freelancer and at this point I took a long vacation from the TV and started my career outside.
After around 10 years in the Egyptian media market I got a good opportunity to come to Abu Dhabi in 2007 for a big program and I got a good contract from this company and stayed in this company as a Director of Photography till 2019.
Then I got my business license (sole proprietor) at Abu Dhabi media zone authority 2454 and still here for my duties.
I work with almost all governmental and non-governmental departments like (DCT, ADMEDIAOFFICE, ADNOC, ADTV, DED, ABU DHABI AIRPORTS, ABU DHABI PORTS … etc.)
I’m so passionate about all factors of my career which includes everything about cameras , lighting , motion and edits. I always make sure that I am up to date with everything related to technology and anything that will improve my potential skills towards my career.
I’m a creative-minded person that will “TURN YOUR CONCEPT INTO REALITY”.

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